Letter from our Founders

Each individual will show signs of aging, there is no getting around it. The good news in we can all take action in either slowing down or preventing this process.

Join us here at MyVita Wellness Institute and let us help you on your journey to a new healthier you. The gradual decrease in hormones and substances produced internally play a major part in the functionality of our organs. The way we feel and look can also be affected by the environment which we live. Unfortunately there is no magic pill to keep us young. There is much action needed to improve our over-all health. Some which include: daily exercise, skin care, supplements, hormone therapy, the list goes on and on.

Each person, however, is unique and must be treated as such when getting treatments. By treating you as the unique individual you are allows us to achieve your optimal health and allows you to feel youthful once more. MyVita was founded providing such services and we look forward to seeing you.

The MyVita Guarantee

  1. Safety is, and always will be, our number one priority.
  2. Our physicians will provide the highest quality of care and top medical approach to our patients,
  3. A very personalized and customized approach to helping you feel great again.
  4. To provide truthful information about your health and to keep your information 100% confidential.
  5.  To improve your overall health and quality of life.
  6. Our staff will always be professional and willing to assist you in any situation.
  7. That you will have a positive experience with MyVita.

Meet Our Staff

lennyLeonard Ventimiglia – Clinic Administrator
Natural Hormone Replacement
I am not only the president of MyVita Management, but a thrilled patient as well! In January of 2009 I received my first Bio Identical pellet treatment. Since then I have made it my personal goal to make people feel as good as they did in their 20’s and 30’s. Bio Identical Hormone treatments have helped me turn back the clock and invigorated my life again, for this I will be grateful forever. Bio-Identical Hormone therapy has not only helped me transform my body, it has made my overall approach to life a more positive one.


tinaFotini “Tina” Manolopoulos – Patient Coordinator

From the minute you walk-in the door it is my job, as patient care coordinator, to help you feel better than you have in years! From the free consultation all the way through treatment time, I will be with you each step of the way to ensure that together we achieve the most effective treatment protocol for your optimal results. For me it is an honor to be a part of the team here at MyVita. Having the chance to revitalize patients life and see then obtain a better quality of life is absolutely priceless.