May 9, 2018

The Hormone Solution to Hair Loss

  Have you noticed a sudden onset of hair loss? You could be just starting to notice that the outer edge of your eyebrows is thinning or your once soft hair is becoming coarse and brittle. There are several causes of hair loss, but if […]
April 9, 2018

What You Need to Overcome Brain Fog

How many times have you found yourself forgetting a name, walking into a room and not remembering what you went in there for, or even losing track of a thought mid-sentence? You may think that this is simply a symptom of getting older or the result […]
April 2, 2018

A Common Cause of Unexplained Weight Gain

  Are you seeing the numbers on the scale increasing, yet you haven’t changed your lifestyle or diet? Or possibly you have changed your diet and started exercising, yet the scale won’t budge? The subject of weight can be frustrating- especially when you feel like […]
February 6, 2018

Heart Health: Do This, Not That for a Healthy Heart

February is National Heart Health Month Did you know that February is National Heart Health Month? It’s the perfect opportunity to be more proactive about keeping your heart strong and healthy. Heart heath is nothing to ignore, and should be a priority no matter what […]