Femenino 1: I do have more energy. I am sleeping. I just feel better in general.

Femenino 2: You have a spark about you. That’s what they say to me now, and they never said that to me before. They say you have a spark about you. You seem to be happier.

Femenino 3: I even feel friendlier towards people because when you’re just tired, you just part of the time want to be left alone.

Femenino 1: Being able to sleep and maybe getting up once a night instead of every hour or every two hours, has been great for me because when I do wakeup, I actually have the energy to go do what I need to do for the day. And it’s just more energy.

Femenino 2: Now when I get up in the morning, my joints don’t ache.

Femenino 3: If you have more energy and stamina to work out, then, you know, you can get yourself fit again.

Masculino 1: To be supportive I went with him to the clinic, and I got my blood drawn when he got his blood drawn. And lo and behold, my testosterone level was low. Cholesterol levels were high.

Femenino 4: Yeah, my testosterone level was low so that would have made a lot of sense; falta de energía, lack of focus, typing tired throughout the day.

Femenino 3: I think stamina, just mood changes, I’m just happier and even more stamina, I think, to even workout.

Femenino 1: I am very grateful for my new hormones because menopause isn’t fun.

Masculino 1: Yeah, I have definitely noticed some improvements in my personal life, my sense of well-being, sexual activity, and I’ve been very happy so far.

Femenino 2: I feel young again. [Laughter].