Hair Loss Solutions for Men

Mens Hair LossDid you know that 95% of men that have hair loss or thinning hair, experience it due to andro-genetic alopecia better known as Male Pattern Baldness. This form of male hair loss is generally characterized by a receding hairline and/or thinning at the crown of the scalp. Over time, these two areas continue to lose hair until one day they eventually meet in the middle. You may ask yourself, what causes Male Pattern Hair Loss and why did it happen to me? The main cause of hair loss in men is due to excessive DHT levels. DHT is a sex hormone, (which promotes body and facial hair) however, it can adversely affect the hair on the top of the scalp. DHT begins the process of miniaturizing the hair follicle, in which hair begins to shrink and become finer and thinner.  Because of this, the hair growth cycle is shorter and more immature hairs do not have the opportunity to develop into a deeply rooted, mature hair.  Eventually, the follicle will go dormant and stop producing hair all together.

MyVita’s Hair Loss treatment protocol helps defend against the main causes of hair loss which include; excessive levels of DHT, insufficient blood flow to the top of the scalp, improper nutrition, and excessive oils on the scalp which  can eventually lead to Male Pattern Baldness.

Some of the things that will occur during your treatment:

  • We will increase blood flow to the scalp by 55%. This induces hair growth in follicles that are still capable of producing healthy hair.
  • Stop excessive hair loss in 85% of the patients that we treat
  • Laser Hair Therapy (or LHT) regulates sebaceous gland activity for dry or oily scalp types.
  • Repair hair shafts that have been damaged by harmful products or chemicals.
  • The program can increase the thickness of each individual hair by up to 25%, providing a much healthier and thicker looking head of hair.
  • Relieve dry and irritated scalp conditions.

So What is Laser Hair Therapy?

LHT is a safe and cosmetically approved cold laser that induces blood flow at the scalp level. This creates a healthier scalp and hair follicle which allows healthier hair growth.  LHT’s infrared lasers have no thermal component so they cannot burn or damage skin tissue. Our customized hair loss protocol is a medically directed approach to stopping hair loss in its tracks and giving you confidence in how your hair looks again.

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