Stop your hair loss in its tracks!

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What if you could stop your hair loss, retain what hair you have, and quite possibly grow more hair?

Our personalized hair rehabilitation program rejuvenates hair at the follicular level and helps keep hair in its place. This program includes:

  • Medical supervision and prescriptions for FDA approved hair loss pharmaceuticals that restores your confidence and brings back your natural look
  • Thera-Pro product line specifically formulated to stop hair loss and volumize existing hair by 20% so your hair looks fuller and thicker
  • Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) to induce more blood flow to the scalp in order to stimulate new hair growth
  • 25 combined years of proven and effective hair restoration experience including fellowship of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons so that you know it will work for you

Get a fee scalp evaluation plus a free report “How we restore hair loss. The MyVita Way” and a free bottle of Medi-ceutical Shampoo formulated to stop hair loss.

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