Memory Loss and Hormone Imbalance

MemoryHave you ever walked into a room only to get there and forget what you went in there for? Forgetfulness is a sign of aging, but hormone deficiencies can cause this to happen sooner. These deficiencies, or imbalances, can lead to symptoms similar to those of Alzheimer’s disease. These symptoms may include poor memory, low mental clarity, inability to focus, attention disorders, and reduced brain function. These imbalances can also lead to further problems including fatigue, depression and difficulty sleeping.

Since hormones are chemical messengers that affect signals (or neurotransmitters) in the brain, a change in hormone levels can cause a malfunction in these neurological signals. When these signals are not working properly one may experience changes in short term memory. A customized plan which not only investigates these hormonal imbalances but also utilizes a combination of bio-identical hormone therapy, exercise, and nutritional supplements to overcome these imbalances is an encouraging way to combat frustrating lapses in memory.