New Year, New You (Article from Ciao Bella)

The term “holistic” is becoming more and more popular these days because people are starting to realize the benefits of using this type of approach in their life.  Traditional approaches that prescribe treatments for symptoms rather than treating the cause may not be the best way to establish optimum health and wellness this year.

Instead of focusing on one aspect at a time, holistic approaches look at a variety of factors and how each of these factors is related to one another.  These factors may include those pertaining to lifestyle, genetics, diet, environmental conditions and stress levels.

When all of these factors are considered at one time rather than individually, a person is able to make changes in their lives that are most beneficial to their overall quality of life.  Using a holistic approach to health is an excellent way to increase self-awareness, establish a healthy body and mind, and decrease the risks of disease.  A successful holistic approach would consider physical activity, nutrition, endocrine system function, and nutrient supplementation.

It is well-known that physical activity is important for the health of our bodies and minds because humans were not designed to sit behind a desk all day.  Your current level of physical fitness is defined by the condition that your body and mind are in and the ability for these to function properly.  This includes the condition of your cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine and respiratory systems.   Without proper physical activity, these systems may not function properly.  A physical assessment performed by a professional can help you determine how physically fit you are now, and what you can do to improve it in the future.

Nutritional assessments and nutrient testing from a professional can also help to shed some light on the condition of your body and mind.  A poor diet and nutrient deficiencies can lead to many diet-related conditions.  The results of these tests can provide the knowledge necessary to identify low nutrient levels and lead to proper supplementation.

Lastly, hormone screenings can provide additional insight as to how your endocrine system is functioning.  Many people find that when their hormone levels are too high or too low, they start to experience fatigue, weight-gain and other symptoms that could eventually lead to serious chronic conditions.   A holistic and personalized approach to wellness which considers these factors is important not only for your health, but also for longevity.