Quality Of Life


Female 1: The quality of your life is important.

Female 2:  I think you’d be surprised the quality of life changes.

Female 3:  I think you can feel better.  You don’t have to live with hot flashes and feeling tired.  You don’t have to live like that.  And if you don’t have to, you can change things.  We just don’t allow ourselves to think outside the box.  You can change your life.  You can feel better.

Male 1:  I’m able to handle stress better.

Female 1: My memory is better now than it was.

Female 4: You’ve got to try it.  It will change your life because you don’t realize how gradually, slowly, that your body depletes yourself of your hormones and so it really affects you and you don’t start to realize it until it becomes almost overwhelming.  And then you wonder what’s wrong with me?

Female 3: This is great.  I can sleep again.  I can feel good again.

Female 1: My life was very different before I got my hormones balanced.

Female 4: I’m so focused.  I can concentrate.  I don’t have to write everything down.  My memory has gotten better.  My energy level is better.  My workouts are better.  I just feel better all in all, all around.  I feel incredible, like I should.

Male 1: I think they see me as having more of a sense of humor and just being easier to get along with.  My wife might agree.

Female 1: My salary has improved because my attitude is better with my clients.  My gratuity is better so I’m actually making more money.

Female 4: I’m more positive.  I’m not as irritable.  I’m more patient.

Male 1: I laugh more.  I make other people laugh more.  I just think that I’m, overall, a lot happier person.

Female 4: I would never go back because why?  I feel fantastic.  I’m only gonna get older, and if this is happening to me now, it’s only going to help assist me in my aging process.  So I’m definitely sold and I hope to continue this forever.

Female 1: As long as I’m living, I would like to feel good.  And I feel better.

Female 3: Overall, I just feel so much better.

Male 1: This program could actually change the quality of their lives without a bunch of pills.

Female 4: I don’t want to go back.  Why would you want to go backwards when you can go forwards?