Staying as fit and healthy as possible for your age

If you’re in your 50’s, you can’t expect to have your 25-year-old body back, but it is possible to be healthy, fit and energized no matter how old you are.  Here are some effective weight-loss strategies to keep in mind while you begin to think about your New Years Resolutions.
1. Get your hormones checked.
One of the most significant factors in weight gain is hormone imbalance since hormones are what determine whether our body stores or sheds fat.  Getting your hormones assessed by a professional like those at the MyVita Wellness Institute is a logical first step in determining how you can look and feel your best no matter what your age.
2. Reduce your stress.
When we are in a state of constant stress, our bodies hold onto our body fat for dear life.  In order to send the message to your body that it’s okay to lose a bit of that excess belly fat, it’s important to reduce your stress levels.
3. Clean up your diet.
Many chemical substances in processed and packaged foods disrupt the healthy communication in your body and not only cause you to gain store body fat, but also inhibit you from losing excess body fat.  Combined with balanced hormones and low stress levels, eliminating processed foods with artificial ingredients is an excellent way to shed your extra layer of insulation around your mid-section.