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“Tired of working hard to stay fit and not getting the results?”


Do you feel like you are running against the wind?

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Join us to discover the 4 steps to feeling younger and having more energy than you have had in 10 – 15 years.

Did you know that MyVita wellness program can decrease signs of aging, improve sex life, and allows you to achieve your fitness goals?

    Take the first step to feeling younger and more energetic within 3 weeks. How to start to develop the right nutritional habits and how to form a meal plan.

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Join us for this free, highly informative tele-seminar.

During this conversation you will learn:

  • Learn the most important forms of exercise based on your age, lifestyle, and desired activity level
  • The importance of proper vitamin and supplemental intake
  • Acquire more information on hormonal imbalances and they can affect the quality of your life.