Why MyVita Hormone Treatment Center?


Male 1: I think more people should get their hormone levels checked because I think they might find that if they’re low, that they have an opportunity to try something here that isn’t just a bunch of pills that masks the problem and has all sorts of side effects.  But this program actually works.

Female 1:  MyVita is different because everything we do here is based on the patients’ needs individually.  They are not treated as a general subject.

Female 2: They did a screen and took blood work, and told me what I needed.  And it was small amount.  But that little small amount that they gave me made a big difference in my life.

Female 3: I wasn’t aware of how hormones affected all parts of my body.

Female 4: Everybody here is friendly and concerned with my well-being.  I feel it’s fantastic.  It’s been an incredible experience.

Female 1: One of my favorite things about working here at MyVita is seeing the difference and the benefits people get from the pellet therapy and the way it makes them feel just on a day-to-day basis.

Female 2: The doctor is very nice, very patient, understanding, very helpful, and made me feel comfortable about what I was doing.

Female 3: They are very professional.  When I spoke with them, they explained the process to me, and gave me all the details.  So I was just happy with the way I was treated when I was at the center.

Female 4: You cannot compare to the type of attention you’re gonna get and receive from everyone that works here.

Female 2: I would like to say to women that if you have any problems with different things in your life that you don’t know that there is help for, this procedure can definitely help you because it’s made a big change in my life.  It really has.

Female 1: I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives is the main thing.  They come in one day; they are depressed they have anxiety, and you see them a few weeks later after treatment and it’s just unbelievable the differences that you see.

Female 4: I would absolutely tell women to come here specifically, to this location on Bissonnet in Bellaire, Texas.

Male 1: Very professional.  Very well done.

Female 3: Come to this clinic.  Let the doctors talk to you.

Female 4:  This is the real deal.