Women’s Hair Loss

The most common cause of hair loss in women is Androgenic alopecia. This is triggered by the miniaturization of the hair follicle and will affect up to 30% of adult American women. Androgenic alopecia in females is often referred to as Female Pattern Hair Loss; however its traits can be found in men as well. Unlike Male Pattern Baldness, women usually experience more of a diffused thinning of the hair on the entire scalp and rarely do they experience total hair loss. Hair loss will normally occur around the age of 50 for most females, however, it can be induced by crash diets, pregnancy, chronic illness, and stress among others, there are cases known in women as early as teenage years.

MyVita offers hair loss treatment options to slow down the progression of hair loss in women and stimulate growth. By inducing blood flow to the top of the scalp using Laser Hair Therapy (LHT), along with regulated hormone levels, and incorporating 5% minoxidil, MyVita attacks hair loss at all known angles. In conjunction with these medically directed treatments, MyVita will provide you with a pharmaceutical product line that will put the scalp in the healthiest condition possible. As we know, a healthy scalp promotes healthy hair. All of these forms of treatment work best when initiated early in the hair loss process and when used in conjunction with one another.

MyVita’s hair loss treatment protocol will:

  • Increase blood flow to the scalp by 55%. This creates healthy hair growth in follicles that are capable of growing hair.
  • 85% of the patients that we treat will stop excessive hair loss
  • Regulate sebaceous glands to regulate oily or dry scalp types.
  • Repairs damaged hair that has been exposed to harmful chemicals.
  • Increase the thickness of each hair shaft by up to 25% giving a much fuller and healthier appearance.
  • Relieve irritated and dry scalp conditions.

Women's Hair Loss

So how does Laser Hair Therapy work?

LHT is a safe and cosmetically approved cold laser that induces blood flow at the scalp level. Creating a healthier scalp allows you to grow a healthier head of hair. Having no thermal component, LHT lasers cannot burn or damage the skin. Our customized hair loss protocol is a medically proven approach to stopping hair loss in its tracks and giving you confidence in how your hair looks again.

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