Insurance & Financing

MyVita will give you all the assistance you will need to make reimbursement claims with your insurance and will provide documentation needed directly to the patient. We also can explain how interest free financing for hormone replacement therapy may be an option for you. Make a call to your insurance company today and ask if they cover out of network hormone treatments (bio-identical is key) and blood labs. Please keep in mind each insurance company is different along with each policy.
If so, MyVita will provide you with all of the paperwork which is needed and insurance ICD9 and procedure coding so that you may receive direct reimbursement from your insurance company. MyVita does not handle the billing for insurance claims.

MyVita also offers interest free patient financing for up to 6 months through Care Credit. Care Credit can finance your treatment and makes it affordable and simple for those elective procedures.

To apply for financing, please click the link below or call us at (800) 677-0718.