Pellet Therapy

What Are Bioidentical Hormone Pellets?

Pellet therapy involves bio-identical hormone pellets. The hormone pellets are small cylinders derived from soybeans which are larger than a grain of rice but smaller than a tic tac mint. They are infused with plant-based bio-identical hormones such as testosterone or estradiol and customized to your unique needs by highly regulated and licensed compounding pharmacies here in the United States. They are designed to restore your own body’s natural hormone levels.

Hormone pellets are a safe hormone replacement option and have been used since the 1930’s for both men and women. They are inserted just beneath the skin in the hip or lower abdomen with the use of a local anesthesia.

How Fast Does Hormone Pellet Therapy Work?

The hormone pellet implants will start releasing your customized blend of replacement bio-identical hormones into your bloodstream within 24-72 hours.

Results are almost always seen within a few days to a few weeks. The pellets last on average 3-4 months for women, and 3-5 months for men and begin the gradual and natural release of steady hormones. They are biodegradable and safely dissolve beneath your skin. Most patients return every 4 months renewal treatments.

Pellet hormones are convenient. Not only are there no pills, shots or creams to remember, you shouldn’t experience the “roller-coaster” of emotions often associated with other hormone replacement therapy options.

Who Needs Pellet Therapy?

Bio-identical hormone pellet therapy is great for men and women. It is important to choose a bio-identical hormone doctor who is experienced and will customize your treatment to your specific needs based on comprehensive blood work and health evaluations.

Hormone Pellets For Women

Designed for women who are experiencing menopause symptoms as well as women who are going through perimenopause are great candidates for pellet therapy. If you are a woman suffering from these symptoms or more:

Night SweatsHot FlashesWeight Gain
InsomniaIrritabilityDecreased Sex Drive
MigrainesFatigueMental Fogginess and Forgetfulness

Learn how you can improve these symptoms with our Pella-Vita hormone pellet therapy for women.

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    Hormone Pellets For Men

    Designed for men who are experiencing andropause(the male form of menopause) would be good candidates for pellet hormone therapy. If you are a male suffering with the following:

    Muscle LossWeight GainDecreased Athletic Performance
    Decreased Sex DriveErectile Dysfunction (ED)Decreased Mental Clarity
    After Dinner Slump/FatigueIrritabilityDepression

    Learn how you can improve these symptoms with MyVita’s Pella-Vita pellet therapy for men.

    Discover your best treatment options for hormone imbalance by scheduling a complimentary hormone consultation to discuss whether you’re a candidate for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.


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