Masculino 1: MyVita is a clinic that specializing in pellet hormone treatment therapy, the most technologically advanced hormone therapy available in today’s marketplace. Hi. I’m Lenny Ventimiglia, president of MyVita Hormone Treatment Center.

The thing that we focus on is, first and foremost, getting to know our patients, really doing a lot of initial screen, as well as follow-up. One of the things that I found with other clinics is that they lack a follow-up process. And as our hormones change, as we progress in life, your treatment protocol needs to change.

One of the things that really separates our clinic from others is the fact that our physician’s approach is very thorough. He’s very seasoned medically. He studied in Europe. He studied in Canada. He studied in the United States.

For the last eight years, he’s really focused on anti-aging. He really has a progressive approach to anti-aging and the hormone treatments. And of all the physicians that I’ve talked to in the years of doing this, I find that he is the most knowledgeable.

Masculino 2: Hormones are tiny molecules made in our bodies. They help to communicate between cells. Aging is the main process when we start losing our hormones and start feeling different. Hormone therapy is the main thing of anti-aging.

Masculino 1: Your conventional doctors are gonna tell you that your hormones are decreasing because you’re getting older. And although that is the case, you don’t necessarily have to live that way.

Masculino 2: In your twenties, everything was great, y, with time, you started feeling different, and this was the evidence that your hormones were going down.

Masculino 1: What makes pellet therapy so far superior to other forms of hormone treatments is the fact that it’s continuously, regularly delivering the hormone into the bloodstream 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no peaks and valleys. The majority of our patients come here because they suffer from hormonal imbalance in the first place.

People that come in range from early thirties to in their seventies. Nobody can be discounted from having a hormonal imbalance, and if you feel like you just haven’t felt like in long time, then there is a good possibility that you may be a good candidate for what we do.

Masculino 2: MyVita is the place for hormone replacement. Our number one priority is safety.

Masculino 1: Bien, the first step is a free consultation. Come in and talk to one of our specialists or talk to myself, and we’ll sit down and discuss what’s going on and discuss the benefits and what you can expect to achieve by our treatment.

Masculino 2: Once your hormones are balanced, everything starts going back to normal. You start feeling that all your problems are going away gradually, and you feel like you used to feel.

Masculino 1: I’m a patient and I’ve been a patient for a few years now, and it’s completely and totally changed the quality of my life. After I was treated, it’s like the light switch of my life was turned on.

Masculino 3: I really had no idea how much improvement I could see in my life by changing the balance of my hormones.

Masculino 1: One of the things that I hear from our patients four to six weeks after their initial treatment is it’s changed their lives. I have husbands come and give me high fives and say, “Thank you. She hasn’t felt this wonderful in years.” It’s all about the quality of your life.