Meet the Staff

Dr. Tony Zbigniew Chmielewski – Chief Medical Officer

As the Chief Medical Officer of MyVita Wellness Institute, I was frustrated only seeing sick patients and treating disease, as opposed to focusing on the prevention of these diseases and helping people feel great.

I remember looking at myself and others around me, thinking, does getting older have to be this way? As we age, we tend to retain weight that we cannot get rid of, which seems to get worse every year.

We lose muscle tone, and our skin begins to sag. We ask ourselves, is losing your sex drive a requirement of “getting older”? We wonder if we are ever going to feel the way we did when we were younger; or have we lost it forever? The answer is, absolutely not!

Medical Background
I have over 30 years of experience in medicine specializing in fields such as obstetrics, internal medicine, and gynecology. I have practiced in both Europe and the United States giving me a unique perspective on traditional, as well as, preventative medicine.

I am a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine along with being board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

“Reach Beyond Possible”

Fotini “Tina” Manolopoulos

– President of MyVita Wellness Institute
– MA, Phlebotomist, Patient Care Coordinator

MyVita Wellness was founded by Leonard Ventimiglia, Dr. Zbigniew Chmielewski and Fotini “Tina” Manolopoulos back in 2008.  The team thrived in helping patients become the best version of themselves for nearly ten years!  In 2018 Dr. Chmeilewski retired from the practice and Mr. Ventimiglia moved forward to pursue other passions.     

Fotini “Tina” Manolopoulos (now sole-owner of MyVita Wellness Institute), a medical assistant, phlebotomist and patient care coordinator with 11 years of experience, with certifications and extensive training in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Micro-Nutrient Testing and Analysis, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments to regenerate hair growth, as well as, acoustic sound wave therapy and PRP Injection Therapy for male sexual performance enhancement. Tina guides her patients to achieve optimal wellness and a youthful vitality. A University of Houston graduate with an Associate Degree in Biology, she combines her seasoned knowledge and experience with Dr. John Share (current medical chief) on a holistic approach to provide personalized care for each of their patients.

Because she is helping her patients attain a better quality of life, Tina recognizes that her job is a 24/7 responsibility. However, when she is not working, Tina relishes time with loved ones, especially her “Big Fat Greek Family.” Additionally, she enjoys cooking different cuisines and trying new things, but, most of all, she lives each day with the intent to “laugh loud, live daily, love unconditionally, and never take any moment for granted.”


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