Houston’s Hormone Treatment Center – MyVita Video Testimonials

Feel free to watch some our videos. Learn how our hormone replacement therapy has given youthful energy back to our patients.

Learn how MyVita provides the most consistent and effective form of BHRT available.*

Why MyVita?
See why our Patients choose MyVita and how its changed the quality of their lives.*

Ladies, are the signs of menopause catching up to you? Learn how our female patients have cured the symptoms of menopause and put a stop to hot flashes and night sweats.*

Spice up your love life with Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy*

Men’ s Low T
Guys do you want to perform better at work, in the gym and the bedroom? MyVita can help you get “it” back.*

MyVita’s patients are revitalizing their lives with pellet therapy feeling great from the inside, out.*

Quality Of Life
At MyVita Hormone Treatment Center we nurture our patients back to healthy living and an improved overall quality of life.*

Our Transparency
Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on health conditions and participation. This website is not intended to diagnose any illness or condition. For a fee consultation or medical exam please contact us.


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