Weight Loss Programs


Medically Supervised Weight Loss in Houston

All Houston medical weight loss clinics offer varying types of weight loss treatments. Many offer packaged programs that are the same for every one of their clients despite their family history or biological makers. Your body is unique, and the chemical makeup of your body can give valuable insight into your overall health and the reasons for your weight gain. The best Houston weight loss doctors will perform through diagnostic tests to determine if there are any underlying issues that would cause weight gain, or prohibit weight loss.

Houston Weight Loss Programs That Get Results

The most successful weight loss programs, do more than provide a meal plan and restrict caloric intake for patients. No matter how many calories you reduce, if there are underlying symptoms contributing to the weight gain, you will either be unsuccessful in your weight loss, or you will lose the weight but quickly rebound to your start weight, or often, even higher.

If you are looking for quick weight loss that doesn’t take your overall health into consideration, then our program is not for you. Our programs are custom designed with you and your biology in mind. Our goal is for you to become the healthiest you possible, through various methods, tools, and coaching.

Before You Have Weight Loss Surgery….

Sometimes it’s medically necessary to have weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass, gastric lap-band, or the gastric sleeve. Many times these surgeries have life-time lifestyle changes that are irreversible based on the type of procedure. But what if you didn’t need the surgery? It’s important to learn about all of your weight loss options before you seek out surgery.

No Matter Where You Are in Your Weight Loss Journey We Have a Program for You.

Our customized approach to your overall health and weight loss goals, will help regardless of where you are at in your weight loss struggles. If you’ve never tried a weight loss program, feel confident knowing you will get to the root of your symptoms from the beginning.

If you’re like most our our patients, you have tried program after program, diet after diet, trying to find that “one thing” that works. Most likely those programs did not treat your whole body. When you get your whole body chemistry in alignment, you will be amazed at how much better you feel.


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