Natural Hormone Treatment for Women In Menopause

Are you experiencing the symptoms of menopause?

Natural hormone treatment can promote full-body health and help prevent and minimize a wide range of your most distressing age-related concerns.
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Women go through their lives with continuous hormonal changes. As you age, certain hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone decline, resulting in sleeplessness, fatigue, night sweats, libido loss, loss of muscle tone, and a host of other problems.

Through plant-derived bioidentical hormones and pellet therapy, MyVita provides natural hormone replacement that can correct hormonal imbalances and help you feel better safely and quickly.

Why Choose MyVita Bioidentical Hormones?

  • We will customize a hormone combination that targets your specific health issues.
  • Promotes holistic, full-body health.
  • Our Board-certified hormone doctors are leaders in the field of holistic medicine.
  • Our treatments counteract many of the distressing symptoms of menopause and aging.
  • You’ll start feeling better in as little as 2 weeks!

Take Control Of The Aging Process

Help your body achieve peak function with bioidentical hormones and pellet therapy. Request your free consultation, just click here to schedule with one of our hormone specialists.

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Are you experiencing symptoms of menopause and aging?

Take our questionnaire on the right side of this page.

How important is progesterone to your body?

Progesterone is another important hormone in our body. Although it’s present in both genders, it plays a much more important role in females than in males. Progesterone is one of three main sexual hormones in women, which play crucial roles in the menstrual cycle during the reproductive age. The average age for a woman to experience menopause is 50. That’s the time when women go through probably the most difficult time in their lives.

Typically symptoms like hot flashes and the night sweats are the most common. These symptoms are caused by estrogen fluctuations in the body. Several years prior to this menopausal thunderstorm, women go through a much lighter, much more gradual transition from feeling good to having more and more anxiety and nervousness, sometimes becoming very moody and even depressed. This stage is all about having a progesterone deficiency. The ovaries will gradually make less and less progesterone and intern women become more and more symptomatic. Most commonly their family members will notice that new behavior change.

Could your depression or anxiety be caused by hormonal imbalance?

At MyVita Health Wellness Institute we see a lot of women who went to their doctors and were placed on anxiety medications and anti-depressants. Many times feelings of anxiety or depression are caused by hormone imbalances or micro-nutrient deficiencies and can be treated with bio-identical hormone replacement.

Our Transparency
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