Our Vision & Mission

MyVita Wellness Institute specializes in anti-aging management and in helping their patients achieve optimal wellness.

MyVita’s Vision

MyVita is passionate about helping people feel great from this inside, out. We help people revitalize their energy, improve their sex lives, and help them sleep peacefully again. We nurture people back to a healthier and more vibrant life.

Our Mission

MyVita’s is Houston’s preeminent leader of providing a customized approach to helping people feel younger, more energetic, and sleep peacefully. We achieve this by providing the most consistent and effective way to defy the aging process.

Our Guarantee

  1. We guarantee that safety is and always will be our number one priority
  2. We guarantee that our physicians will provide the highest quality of care and top medical approach to our patients
  3. We guarantee a very personalized and customized approach to helping you feel great again
  4. We guarantee to provide truthful information about your health and to keep your information 100% confidential
  5. We guarantee to improve your overall health and quality of life
  6. We guarantee that the MyVita staff will always be professional and willing to assist you in any situation
  7. We guarantee that you will have a positive experience with MyVita