3 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

With the busy holiday season in full force we find that we have very little time to sit still long enough to bring inner peace and calm to our lives. Here are a few ways to help cope with the stress of the holidays while promoting health at the same time.

Keep expectations and commitments balanced

It’s important to understand that you cannot get everything that you want to get done and that not everything is going to be perfect. Taking on too much and putting a lot of pressure on ourselves to have everything be perfect is a sure fire way to elevate our cortisol (our stress hormone).

Put yourself on a budget

One of the most significant sources of holiday stress is related to the money that we spend on gifts, parties, and decorations. Setting a budget for yourself ahead of time will help you determine how much you are willing to spend on certain things. With a budget in place, you’re less likely to overspend and therefore will have less stress during and after the holidays.

Eat your vegetables and remember to exercise

Most people gain weight during the holidays because there are plenty of sugary treats around and on top of that there’s little time to exercise with all the holiday activities planned. Eating plenty of vegetables which are full in fiber will help to curb cravings for sweets and will help you to pass the treat table without stopping.

Without much time to set aside to get to the gym, incorporating as much movement as possible is important in balancing our mood and reducing stress. Taking 10 minutes to go for a walk or organizing a short a dance party with family members to holiday music are a couple of ways to incorporate movement into your busy day without having to go to the gym.