What You Need to Overcome Brain Fog

How many times have you found yourself forgetting a name, walking into a room and not remembering what you went in there for, or even losing track of a thought mid-sentence? You may think that this is simply a symptom of getting older or the result of a busy lifestyle; however, what you could be missing is the actual underlying physical cause of brain fog or poor memory: your hormones.

Your hormones, whether they be your sex, thyroid or adrenal hormones, are chemical messengers that travel throughout your entire body and serve the purpose of coordinating processes like metabolism, growth, mood, fertility, etc. More specifically, your thyroid hormones govern the energy production in each and every cell, thereby allowing your body to run optimally. Because hormones also run synergistically, when just one is out of balance it puts all hormones at risk for imbalance and poor function, so it’s imperative to treat each one equally.

The most common culprit of brain fog and poor memory is low thyroid hormone production or hypothyroidism. Inevitably with age, thyroid hormone production decreases and if not replaced, men and women can both fall victim to running sluggishly. Think about it, does your car run smoothly if you do not replace the oil regularly? Hypothyroidism affects over 20 million individuals just in the US. However, more than 60% of these cases are often missed due to mainstream physicians’ sole reliance on blood tests for diagnosis. At MyVita, our doctors are committed to taking a thorough approach to diagnosis, listening carefully to each patient’s clinical history and symptoms.

We understand just how frustrating brain fog and a poor memory can be, so let us partner with you to help regain what has been lost. For a complimentary consultation, give us a call today at 713-661-9995.