The Hormone Solution to Hair Loss


Hair Loss

Have you noticed a sudden onset of hair loss? You could be just starting to notice that the outer edge of your eyebrows is thinning or your once soft hair is becoming coarse and brittle.

There are several causes of hair loss, but if it’s coinciding with any of the other following symptoms, it’s likely that you are experiencing a hormone deficiency (most commonly a deficiency in thyroid hormones):

Now, thyroid isn’t the only culprit of thinning hair. Women who recently went through childbirth or who are entering menopause may experience their hair thinning. Or men may notice the hairs fading with each additional candle on the cake. These instances can be tied back to a sudden or gradual decline in sex hormones, which like thyroid, can be treated easily, effectively and naturally.

As with any deficiency, the goal is to bring your levels back up to the place they were before you began experiencing symptoms (think about the glorious hair of your 20’s). Not to be confused with the lab test levels that so many doctors like to base diagnoses and treatment plans off of, but instead, the levels that suit you and your specific body needs.

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