The Secret Sauce to Weight Loss

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again because it’s a must-do when wanting to lose weight and keep it off for good: the secret sauce to weight loss is DETOXification!

Let’s start with a few facts… did you know that fluoride was introduced into U.S. water starting in 1945? And by 1960, it was in over 50,000,000 people’s public water? Did you also know that obesity rates have risen 185% since 1960? Seems a bit suspicious if you ask us…

The 60’s marked a time of huge shift as the U.S. began the introduction of aluminum cans for foods and beverages, boxed meals, happy meals, artificially sweetened and colored drinks, high-fructose corn syrup, genetically modified foods, preservatives, and more. So, in other words, that quality and purity of our foods have significantly deteriorated in just a short amount of time.

Putting our chemically-contaminated water and food aside, we are exposed to toxins daily in the air we breathe, the perfumes, lotions and soaps we put on our bodies, and in the various cleaning agents we use in our home. As you can see, toxic exposure has become practically unavoidable, which is bad news for our waistlines. Seen as how our bodies will create and hold onto fat to store toxins, it’s more pertinent now than ever to reducing our toxic exposure as much as possible, and detox 2-4 times per year.

Our livers are responsible for filtering toxins. Yet, the exposure to too many toxins can cause the liver function to become bogged down, putting the body at risk for toxins re-entering the bloodstream (sometimes at higher potency). This can become a dangerous scenario as it can lead to brain toxicity, cognitive issues, fatigue, infertility, hormone imbalance, obesity and even the development of certain cancers.  The obvious solution to prevent toxicity-related health issues is to simply get on a good detox program that supports the liver with the proper vitamins, minerals and nutrients. You will also want to reduce your toxic exposure to your best ability by eating organic foods when possible, avoiding processed foods with artificial sweeteners and preservatives, using paraben-free/ fragrance-free soaps and lotions, changing to an aluminum-free deodorant, and switching to all-natural cleaning agents

At MyVita wellness, we recommend that our patients partake in the MyVetox program at least twice a year. This simple program is designed to naturally remove harmful toxins, pesticides, heavy metals and excess waste from your body. Want more information? Schedule a complimentary consultation and we’ll give you the complete detox rundown and more!