Meet the Staff

Dr. Tony Zbigniew Chmielewski – Chief Medical Officer

As the Chief Medical Officer of MyVita Wellness Institute, I was frustrated only seeing sick patients and treating disease, as opposed to focusing on the prevention of these diseases and helping people feel great.

I remember looking at myself and others around me, thinking, does getting older have to be this way? As we age, we tend to retain weight that we cannot get rid of, which seems to get worse every year.

We lose muscle tone, and our skin begins to sag. We ask ourselves, is losing your sex drive a requirement of “getting older”? We wonder if we are ever going to feel the way we did when we were younger; or have we lost it forever? The answer is, absolutely not!

Medical Background
I have over 30 years of experience in medicine specializing in fields such as obstetrics, internal medicine, and gynecology. I have practiced in both Europe and the United States giving me a unique perspective on traditional, as well as, preventative medicine.

I am a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine along with being board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

“Reach Beyond Possible”


Fotini “Tina” Manolopoulos

When becoming a patient of our Elite Program at MyVita you will meet with our nutritionist, personal trainer, as well as, our physician Dr. Tony and myself. You and I will become well acquainted. My name is Fotini “Tina” Manolopoulos, I have been with MyVita for close to four years. Aside from being patient care coordinator I am also the on staff phlebotomist and medical assistant. It is my job as patient coordinator to walk you through the process and to assist you with scheduling appointments and knowing what comes next. Together we will find a harmony which will allow you to optimize your health, feel younger, and be more energetic; all while having a treatment in place which is ideal for YOUR life!

Lenny Ventimiglia

As the clinic director and co-founder of MyVita Wellness Institute, I have the pleasure of seeing firsthand how our program can change the quality of people’s lives. For 5 years now I have not only helped people take the first step to feeling great from the inside out, I too have enjoyed the benefits of the program. Personally, I lost 26 lbs. within the first 90 days of being on the program and have drastically increased my energy levels and finally can sleep at night. “It’s amazing to see the transformation that our program has made in my life!”*