7 Ways to Empower Your Brain

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We all know how important our brain function is in our ability to get tasks accomplished.

Here are 7 ways to boost our brain power so that we can maximize our cognitive ability, memory and decision making skills.

1. Volunteer – Scientists at Johns Hopkins found that women who volunteered to tutor children developed sharper analytic, problem-solving and planning skills. They also found that an increase in social and mental activity sends blood to the pre-frontal cortex – the area responsible for cognitive function in the brain.

2. Physical activity – Moving around increases the size of the hippocampus by increasing the number of capillaries in this area of the brain. This area of the brain is responsible for forming memories. Research recommends one hour of physical activity three times a week to help new cells grow.

3. Learn a new skill – A study at Oxford on first-time jugglers found a higher density of neurological communication fibers in the brain. This study concluded that learning new skills strengthens the part of the brain that is responsible for coordination and balance.

4. Avoid chronic stress – Prolonged exposure to stressful conditions damages cells, and kills neurons by overstimulating them to death. Meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, and therapeutic massage are excellent ways to help de-stress your mind and help it to function at its best.

5. Lower your bad cholesterol – This type of cholesterol can get lodged in tiny capillaries in the brain and restrict blood flow. This decreases brain performance and in some cases can lead to a stroke. Increase healthy fats and reduce non-healthy fats to promote the development of good cholesterol and eliminate bad cholesterol in your blood.

6. Get enough sleep – Scientists at UC Berkeley found that subjects who were able to sleep longer had better memory and brain performance. Sleep refreshes your brain’s storage areas, and creates space to receive more information without losing all of the information from before you fell asleep.

7. Eat brain food – Consuming foods that are rich in Vitamin B, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants help the brain function at it’s peak. These foods include fatty fish, hormone and anti-biotic free animal products, coconuts, and olives.

To learn other ways to improve brain function and discover if you’re missing any key micro-nutrients which affect your brain function and memory, schedule your free consultation today.

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