8 ways to Find True Happiness

8 Ways to Find True HappinessTrue happiness is an innate desire of human beings and is much more attainable than our society makes it out to be.

True happiness involves a sustainable feeling of fulfillment, inner peace and balance rather than a temporary result of external pleasures such as wealth, possessions, success, status or power.

Believing that your life is precious and sacred regardless of which of these pleasures exist in our lives puts us on the path towards experiencing this powerful emotional state.

Scientists have found that those people who are living happier, more fulfilling lives are healthier than those who are constantly seeking pleasure from external sources. Life will continue to throw difficult situations our way but the higher our level true happiness is, the better our ability to cope and return back to our happy state will be.

The list below identifies ten ways to boost true happiness and ultimately improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


  1. Practice Gratitude

Expressing appreciation for we have is an element of positive psychology that research has linked to increased happiness and well-being. When we think about our lives with a mindset which is focused on abundance (what we have) rather than scarcity (what we would like to have), we find heighted levels of self-awareness, energy, optimism, and compassion for others. Starting a daily gratitude journal or expressing your gratitude to your loved ones (or even strangers) on a regular basis are a couple of ways to incorporate this powerful emotion into your life.


  1. Choose to Be Happy

Making choices is something we do every day. In fact, we make choices thousands of times in a single day. The outcome of these choices is what influences the way that our bodies, minds and spirit behave. When you make the choice to take responsibility for your own happiness you’ll find that you have much more control over your outlook on life than you may have realized.


  1. Be Present

Many people think that happiness will happen when a something else happens in their lives or when they’ve achieved a desirable goal (weight-loss, wealth, success, etc.). This mindset focuses on the future rather than the here and now. Even though happiness is not something that can be obtained overnight, there are some actions that can be done in the short-term to boost your present level of happiness. These actions may include: surrounding yourself with positive people, avoiding things that rob you of your own happiness, exercise, breathing and meditation techniques, and focus on strengthening the relationships currently in your life.


  1. Smile & Laugh

Scientific research in the field of positive psychology has found a link between the act of laughing and physical health. Laughing has been found to lower the risk of heart attacks, increase immunity, lowers stress hormones, and decreases pain. Since smiling and laughing triggers the release of endorphins (happy chemicals), these actions also provide benefits to mental health. These mental health benefits include: increased resilience to stress, decreased anxiety and fear, and a heightened sense of purpose, meaning and joy.


  1. Seek balance

A balanced body, mind and spirit leads to a resilient and happy being. Staff at the MyVita Wellness Institute can help you to find balance in your body, mind and spirit and boost your current level of happiness by addressing hormonal imbalances or nutrient deficiencies.


  1. Nourish Your Body

When we provide our bodies with high-quality food like fruits and vegetables and plenty of clean water, we have more energy and are able to think more clearly. At the same time, we may find that we are less depressed and less irritable. Eliminating your sugar cravings and limiting your alcohol and caffeine consumption can help to remove negative energy in the body and promote an environment for more positive feelings to infiltrate your life such as contentment, joy, and inner-peace.


  1. Develop a Spiritual Practice

Meditation, yoga, deep breathing, connecting with nature, prayer, writing in a journal and relaxation techniques are all good ways to enhance our self-awareness and experience a deeper state of consciousness that exists only within us. In this state we are able to see past our “real world” thoughts, ego, beliefs, emotions and perceptions and eventually reveal our true selves.


The benefits of these spiritual activities accumulate the more that we do it so in order to boost our current level of happiness, it’s important to develop a spiritual practice or routine. With practice, we will gradually start to see that our state of inner-consciousness and the feeling that we experience when we get there blend into our real world actions and behaviors. This creates a very positive change within us and allows us to experience happiness at a much higher and deeper level.


  1. Incorporate Forgiveness

Forgiving others after they’ve hurt you is not an easy task. But moving from a state of anger into a state of forgiveness can do wonders for your happiness. Whether you condone someone else’s actions or not, this shift allows you to show more compassion towards others and simultaneously boost your own happiness.

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