Aspartame and Brain Health

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is commonly used in diet or sugar-free versions of foods and beverages. This substance was developed by chemists, and since being approved by the Food and Drug Administration, has served as a low calorie alternative to sugar.

Research on this FDA-approved substance has classified aspartame as a neurotoxin, which is any substance that is toxic to the nervous system. Scientific studies show that compounds in aspartame act as neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) and send abnormal signals from neuron to neuron. This disruption in cellular communication may result in the development of cancer-causing free radicals and brain tumors. It has even been found to cause seizures in rats that were fed aspartame. It’s also been linked to diabetes, fibromyalgia, physchological disorders and birth defects.

To keep your brain healthy avoid all artificial sweeteners (such as aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin)) and replace with a healthier all-natural alternative instead. To further improve your brain health, make sure you’re getting enough healthy fats from food sources such as fish, walnuts, olives and avocados.

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