Coping with a Diabetes Diagnosis: What to Do Next

If youve recently been diagnosed with diabetes, youre not alone. According to theCDC, 29 million people, or just shy of 10% of the population have a diabetes diagnosis, and 1.7 million more are diagnosed every year. The news can be devastating, particularly if the well-meaning people in your life have painted a grim picture of whats to come. The good news is, you can manage it, and many people who embrace their diabetes diagnosis actually go on to live fuller, richer, healthier lives. Of course, whether youre one of these people depends largely on what steps you take right now. 

Treat Depression

Diabetes and depression are closely linked and can often result in a vicious circle, with each one adding to the symptoms of the other. Studies have shown that people with a diabetes diagnosis are three-times more likely to be diagnosed with depression than the general population, and its easy to understand why. There is an undeniable sense of loss when youre told you must give up certain habits or eat differently than your family. You might feel like youre giving up foods you love or left out from social activities. Carrying around extra weight can also add to depression and lethargy. Combine this with the new things youre expected to do, such as monitor your blood sugar and take medications, and theres a chance youll also wind up with Diabetes Burnout. Although not an official diagnosis, it is something the medical community by and large recognizes. It happens when people feel so overwhelmed by their diabetes that they become apathetic. They dont treat it and the disease progresses.

If you begin to feel hopeless, helpless, angry, unmotivated to treat your condition, or stop enjoying life, you could be suffering from depression. Get help getting back on track mentally and emotionally, so you can face your condition head-on and make a difference.

Skip the Blame Game

Yes, lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise, may have played a role in the development of your diabetes, but blaming yourself isnt going to make you well again. Moreover, there are other factors like genetics that you have no control over which may have contributed. Instead of blaming yourself, use the information to empower yourself. Just as living a sedentary life may have contributed to your condition, getting up and moving will help improve it. Many people who are diagnosed use it as an opportunity to reinvent themselves, so to speak. Its a catalyst that sets off a series of changes that helps them become healthier than theyve ever been in their entire lives.

Learn as Much as You Can

There are many different ways to cope with and treat diabetes, but before you settle on any one path, its important to have a deep understanding of the condition. As you start to gain more knowledge, youll begin to understand why certain foods fatigue you, what causes your blood sugar to spike, what gives you sustained energy, and what makes you feel well. You may find it beneficial to keep a journal of your habits, including foods, activity levels, hydration, and sleep, as well as how you feel and what your blood sugar levels are. This makes it much easier to make decisions that will truly make you feel good, so that any changes you deicide on empower you, rather than make you feel chained to a certain destiny. The more you learn, the easier it will be for you to choose the path thats right for you and tackle your diabetes.

Create a Personalized Plan of Action

If you were going to remodel your house, you wouldnt just go in and start knocking down walls. Youd consider how you live, how youd like to use the space, and how youd like it to look when youre finished. Youd also likely speak with contractors and other professionals who can help make your visions come true. You should treat diabetes management the same way. Before your diabetes diagnosis, you were probably dealing with many symptoms of unchecked diabetes. Perhaps you struggled with extra weight that wouldnt go away, fatigue, moodiness, low libido, or other issues. Now that you know the root cause of these things, you can create a customized plan to address them, so you can live life on your terms.

Start Diabetox

My Vita Wellness has a program dedicated to people just like you who want to manage their condition in a healthy way. Oftentimes, making lifestyle changes enables a person to manage the condition in a natural way- without pharmaceutical drugs, and having a partner who will listen to you and understand your personal goals will put you on the path to success. If you want learn more aboutDiabetox or would like to know if youre a candidate for the program, fill out our quick online form or call us at (713) 661-9995 to schedule a consultation today.

Prevent or Reverse a Diabetes Diagnosis 

To learn more about diabetes, check out our blog here. MyVita Wellness is passionate about helping you prevent or reverse a diabetes diagnosis through our customized programs. Schedule a meeting to talk with our Wellness team to find out how we can help you achieve optimal health and wellness. The consultation is free of charge. Schedule today to get your questions answered. We’re here to help!

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