Feeling Sluggish Lately and Don’t Know Why? It Might Be Your Hormones.

When you have low hormone levels, it is very common that you will exhibit certain symptoms which are associated with such a deficiency. Two of the most prevalent of these symptoms are low energy levels and a disturbed sleeping pattern. The lack of energy is something that will have a knock on effect on many areas of your life including your performance in the workplace, your physical and mental health; and even your mood.

Some of the resulting conditions that come with low energy levels and chronic fatigue are mood swings, a greater tendency for your body to store fat, the urge to overeat and even developing a dependency on caffeine if you begin to drink coffee and/or energy drinks in an attempt to boost your energy levels.

A lack of good quality sleep can also lead to a number of different health concerns. You may be surprised to learn that diabetes, obesity and heart disease can all be triggered by prolonged periods of disturbed sleep. In addition to this, being tired can also increase your likelihood of accidents and poor decision making. You are also more susceptible to minor ailments as your system will get run down.

The good news is that with a course of bio-identical hormone treatment combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise you can soon get your hormones back on an even keel. The key to success is treating the root of the problem rather than the resulting symptoms. It will not take long for you to notice a big difference in your life once you boost your energy levels and catch up on your sleep. Not only that, but you will also be giving your immune system a much needed boost which will lower your risks of developing health problems in later life.

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