Food Sensitivities with a Twist

We all have read time and time again about what foods to eat and/or not eat, but have we really sat down to think, could we be making things worse for ourselves?  Here are a few tips as to how to enjoy your food without causing further damage to your gastrointestinal system and help our body digest better and perhaps improve your eating experience.  You see many of us eat foods that are visually appealing, but are they what our body/metabolism need to function at full capacity?  Aside from these helpful tips on mindful eating there is testing which we offer that can help; Micro-nutrient testing is a functional test which is extremely beneficial to people who eat fairly health, let’s face it not all of us do, and who are looking to see if their bodies are receiving all the nutrients it needs.  


  1. Take a few breaths and focus before you start a meal
  2. Sit down at the kitchen or dining room table. You should not be standing in the kitchen, sitting in bed or driving while eating
  3. Turn off the television or computer, put down your book or newspaper, and stop talking or texting on the phone. You want to pay full attention to your meal and your body’s signals while you are eating
  4. Place a forkful of food in your mouth. Put the fork down after the food is in your mouth. This is a lot harder than you think. You’re hungry and you can’t wait to take the next bite. Resist the urge to slurp down the meal. Leave the fork on the table before you take your next bite
  5. Chew slowly and enjoy the texture of the food, its flavor and vibrant colors, and the food’s aroma. Be conscious of your different sensations and the overall experience. (One clinical study found that eating slowly led to eating less during meals in healthy women.)
  6. Take a 2-minute break in the middle of the meal and decide how much more food you will want to eat to walk away satisfied but not too full
  7. Observe how you feel at the end of the meal. If you did overeat, don’t beat yourself up. Pay attention to the physical and emotional distress and strategize how you can prevent overeating at the next meal.



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