Hormones and Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatment HoustonFor both men and women, having a full head of hair makes them feel confident and youthful. There are many reasons why this once full head of hair starts to fall out or get thinner and many of them have to do with our hormones.

Normally, men and women shed about 50 to 100 hairs per day according to the American Academy of Dermatology. A higher shedding and thinning rate, however, can often be slowed down by addressing these common hormone imbalances.

Hormone Imbalance Can Cause Hair Loss In Men and Women

Too much or too little estrogen hormone

One of the many functions of the important sex hormone estrogen in women is to reduce body hair where they don’t want it and promote hair growth where they do want it. Fluctuations in estrogen levels can contribute to increased hair loss where women want it the most – on their heads.

Too much or too little testosterone hormone

In men, male patterned baldness, thinning hair on the head and chest, receding hairline can be influenced by stress levels, genetics, age, and how much testosterone is in the body. Although men may not be able to control their genetics or age, they can certainly address their hormonal imbalances with bio-identical hormone replacement treatment. Men can also control how much stress they put themselves under by making healthy lifestyle changes.

As it turns out, the same factors influence hair loss and thinning in females.

Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism

Over- or under-active thyroid

Hormones produced by the thyroid are also important in determining the amount of hair men and women have and how fast and thick it grows. Thyroid imbalances due to an over- or under-active thyroid can be measured using a simple blood test. If you’ve had blood tests in the past which came out “normal” it’s still possible to have thyroid irregularities.

Hair Loss Treatment

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