Is Estrogen Replacement Treatment Safe?

For the past 70 years, women have been turning to hormone replacement to reverse aging and combat menopausal symptoms.

At the turn of the century, it was common for medical professionals to prescribe drugs containing compounds that were either synthetic or derived from horse urine to maturing females.

Three popular drugs, Premarin, PremPro, and Provera were heavily marketed by pharmaceutical companies, and doctors prescribed the same dose to each patient. The hormone compounds in these drugs are derived from horse urine (Premarin), consist of synthetic progestin which is a mimic of natural progesterone (Provera), or a combination of the two types (Prempro).

In 2002, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found these drugs increased the risk of breast cancer and heart disease. Once these results were published, doctors minimized use of these hormone replacement drugs and advised their female patients to avoid prolonged use.

Healthy Estrogen Levels Are Important to Women’s Health

The issue with this minimized use of hormone replacement drugs, however, is that an estrogen deficiency can have some serious consequence. Without a suitable replacement for estrogen, a menopausal or pre-menopausal woman is at risk for a variety of different disorders. The list of potential disorders associated with estrogen deficiency include heart failure, dementia, thinning skin, muscle loss, depression, obesity and many, many more.

So, if hormone treatment drugs put women at risk for life-threatening diseases but need adequate levels of estrogen to avoid other disorders and life-threatening diseases, then what is a girl to do?

The answer: bio-identical hormones.

Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment for Estrogen Deficiency

Based on more recent scientific evidence, using hormone replacement to restore natural estrogen levels in females can have many health benefits. Whether or not these benefits outweigh the costs (including risks and side effects) is highly dependent on 1.) the type of compound (natural, synthetic or bio-identical) and 2.) identifying optimal doses for each individual. The risks of estrogen replacement treatment is lowered significantly when administering hormone compounds that are bio-identical instead of synthetic or “natural” animal-derived forms.


Are You Estrogen Deficient?

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