The Impact of Low Testosterone Levels on Men

Hormones are essentially there to help our body to operate at the optimal level of functionality. If a man is suffering from a decreased testosterone level he may begin to experience a variety of symptoms each of which can create a knock on effect and trigger even more symptoms. These symptoms range from undesirable short term symptoms all the way through to long term symptoms with more series consequences on the man’s physical and mental health.

Testosterone can affect many areas of the body including brain function, skeletal and muscular development, erectile function and the flow of blood around the body. Men who are suffering from a testosterone imbalance are at risk of developing a multitude of health problems which includes heart disease, diabetes, cognitive disorders, depression and even osteoporosis.

There are a wide number of symptoms which could indicate low testosterone levels including, but not limited to erectile dysfunction, a lack of sex drive, depression, feelings of confusion and concentration difficulties. Some men may also experience loss of muscle, substantial weight gain, unexplained anxiety and hair loss.

If you are suffering from a low level of testosterone in your body, then you will find that hormone replacement treatment using bio-identical hormones can be useful in regaining normal function of your body. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with a low testosterone level then it is worthwhile seeking medical advice to see if you do have a hormone imbalance. In addition to a course of bio-identical hormone therapy, you will also find that maintaining a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and managing your stress levels effectively will also help to alleviate the symptoms.

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