Natural, Synthetic and Bio-Identical Hormones

Virtually every process in our body is regulated or controlled by the endocrine system. This system is made up of various glands distributed throughout the body which produce and secrete hormones. These natural hormones are then transported by the blood, and serve as the primary means of cell communication throughout the entire body. These bio-chemical messengers are the drivers of cellular function, physiological responses and human behavior.

The endocrine system is extremely complex and unique to each individual. Hormone levels differ based on gender, reproductive stage, and age. This system requires a homeostasis or a balance of hormone levels to ensure optimum function and performance of each and every cell in the body. Prolonged and often unavoidable exposure to various environmental factors disrupts the delicate balance of hormones in the body and results in a variety of undesirable symptoms.

At some point during their lives, men and women experience hormonal imbalances which affect their ability to perform certain functions as they did when they were younger. In order to get the endocrine system to function normally again, men and women of all ages turn to hormone replacement therapy (or treatment). There are two types of hormones used in this particular type of treatment, and their dosage is dependent on the individual, and the type of hormone causing the imbalance. The first type category of compounds used in replacement therapy are synthetic compounds. The second category includes bio-identical hormones.

In each type of hormone treatment, the compounds are synthesized in a laboratory to mimic natural hormone compounds. Natural, synthetic and bio-identical are designed (either by the body itself or by scientists) to bind to matching cell receptor sites and tell the cell to carry out a certain function. Synthetic hormones, however, are not an exact match normal hormones structure so they don’t bind to receptors exactly as they should. For this reason, they are associated with many negative side effects.

Bio-identical hormones match their natural hormone counterparts exactly, so they behave in the same way that a hormone produced by the body would. In addition, synthetic hormones tend to stay locked to the receptor sites longer than necessary and cause damage to the cell. Bio-identical hormones on the other hand know when it’s time to leave, are naturally released from the cell and are excreted safely through the excretory system.

At MyVita Wellness Institute, bio-identical hormones are used to treat hormone imbalances rather than synthetic ones to address abnormal hormonal fluctuations in men and women. These types of hormones effectively lower risk of disease, slow the aging rate, increase energy levels, and restore any other symptom of properly balanced hormone levels. In addition, they do what they are designed to do with minimal side effects.

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