Pesticides Wreak Havoc on Natural Hormone Levels

pesticide detoxificationOur bodies can absorb harmful chemicals from our surroundings in a number of different ways including inhalation, ingestion and even through our skin.

These can have a number of effects on our bodies both long and short term because they have a negative impact on the endocrine systems.

One of the most common sources of these harmful chemicals is the farming industry where chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are used in the production of our food.

All of these chemicals are examples of endocrine disruptors which means that they can affect both the production and the function of our hormones, particularly those responsible for reproduction, behavior, growth and development. It is common to find trace amounts of these chemicals in our food as well as in our drinking water.

Toxic chemicals such as pesticides create hormonal imbalance

Once the endocrine disrupting chemicals have entered our bodies there are 3 ways in which they can affect our hormone levels:

  • They can mimic sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone which are naturally produced in the body. These chemicals actually have a very similar molecular structure to our sex hormones, but they are different enough that they can trigger unexpected chemical reactions at a cellular level.
  • Endocrine disruptors can also block naturally occurring hormones from performing their natural functions.
  • As endocrine disruptors have the ability to disrupt not only hormone function, but also the synthesis and secretion, they can cause hormonal imbalances both in terms of increased and decreased levels.

Pesticides linked to infertility

infertility caused by pesticidesIn recent research projects both animal and human cells have been exposed to common pesticides and a variety of negative effects have been recorded, especially in terms of reproductive health.

There is a clear link between the use of these pesticides and a decline in sperm count in men and a delayed onset of puberty in girls. These negative effects can be reduced drastically in both sexes by avoiding contact with thee chemicals.

The easiest way to reduce our contact with pesticides is to switch to only organic fruits and vegetables and to avoid using pesticides at home.

Even if you have already been exposed to these harmful chemicals throughout your life, making these lifestyle changes can still help to reverse the symptoms of hormone imbalance although it may not be enough on its own.

If this is the case then you my wish to seek medical advice regarding a natural approach to hormone replacement therapy or a safe and natural detoxification program to flush out harmful pesticides and other chemical toxins. To schedule a complimentary health evaluation contact us today.

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