Proper Hormone Treatment Can Put a Stop to Stubborn Weight Gain

Few people are aware that having low hormone levels can result in an increased tendency for our bodies to hold on to fat resulting in unexpected weight gain. It can also lead to a decrease in lean muscle mass for both men and women. There are other factors which can also influence the amount of fat our bodies store including elevated stress levels, anxiety and even environmental factors.

In women, this excess fat will usually settle in the hips, thighs and abdomen while men will be more likely to see extra weight in their mid-section. There is a very strong chance that this is due to low hormone levels resulting in the brain being sent signals instructing it to slow the metabolism down. This in turn stops your body from burning fat. Even if you are maintaining a healthy and balanced diet for your age, gender and height a low hormone level could cause weight gain.

Bio-identical hormone treatment offers a safe and natural way to restore the body’s hormones to an appropriate level. It is especially effect for women who are experiencing hormone related weight gain. This type of treatment will address stubborn weight gain by helping to even out the hormones which are affecting the metabolism.

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